Sunday 15th Nov

Where does 1 even begin? In her i had a best friend, a mother, a colleague, and everything else that i just cannot put into words. I dreamed about her a few days before she passed, in the dream i was crying because i was delighted to see her back at work and well. She was probably thinking of me too, maybe even hoping to see me for the last time so she could say her goodbyes. Sometimes i feel like it’s a good thing i never got to see her lying helplessly in bed not knowing when she’d be taking her last breath. But at times i cannot help but wonder if she knew just how much i loved and cared about her.

Death took a lot of people i cared about before, but Hellen was special. She was friends with everyone at the office. Everyone ran to her when they needed a shoulder to lean on, because they knew that with her their secrets were safe. She was a true friend! I can’t find the right words to describe the pain I felt when i heard the news, worst of all I had to show up for work the following day. How do you walk into an office and just carry on with work as if everything is alright when it isn’t? It was the weirdest most painful day of my life, I never wanna feel that way ever again! Pain so deep and so heavy to carry around.

To Hellen: We love you Mokgotsi, Mother and for as long as we shall live you’ll always be in our hearts and dreams!!


Life is a journey

Learning doesn’t end with a College Degree that most people often use as a name tag to look down on the ones who never had the privilege to get Education, every single day we learn something new. Its how we get to grow and become better people, we never stop learning, good or bad.

When i was busy reading “The road less travelled” by M Scott Peck, i learned that life is as a journey that might turn horribly wrong if you loose track of why you travelling in the first place and where your final destination is. Yes sometimes we don’t have control over the situations life throws ourselves in, but if we keep our focus on how we want things to be and not how bad things are we are guaranteed to succeed. Life is as a bad as we make it out to be, but once we understand that we have control over where we want to land we realize that Life itself is the most precious and expensive gift money cannot buy.  Continue reading “Life is a journey”


Are you Living or Existing?

You know that saying “People often look so far at the closed door that they miss the opportunity to enjoy the one that’s already open for them?” As M. Scott Peck said, “There is no worse bitterness in life than to reach the end of it and realized you have not lived”. Do they make you smile? Keep them!! Do not hold onto memories that brings you nothing but pain; heartache and miss the opportunity to be happy with what you already have. Being happy is not a selfish decision, it is your responsibility to make yourself happy, surround yourself with those that enhance you  in your duty of making yourself happy.

Be that person who is fun to be around, who uses words in a smart and funny way, someone people always look forward to spending time with because you are so full of life. Dont worry about the world and its troubles, you found them here and you will leave them right behind. Be happy, Love yourself and others. As you grow through love, so grows your joy, ever more present, ever more constant.


Love is Patient

Of course you love your friends and family. But if you were completely honest, you would have to admit that sometimes they really annoy you. Things would be so much easier if they did things the way you want, made the choices you believe are right, just let you run their lives…right?

Okay there may be some control issues right there. But even for the best of us, there are times when patience is a virtue that isn’t at the top of our character traits. The conflict is that that Scripture tells us that real love is patient, it doesn’t have control issues, it puts up with others’ faults and while God doesn’t insist that we like other people’s character or choices, we must still love them. After all, Christ consistently models patient Love for us. From a human point of view, we test His love with our constant disobedience and focus on self, but He just keeps on loving….patiently loving.

Love is patient, Love is kind, It does not envy, It does not boast, It is not proud.. Corinthians 13:4



When the pain of betrayal runs deep, disappointment and hurt lie on your heart like stones. Why should you forgive and forget? It’s true that isn’t easy, but there is someone who constantly does it when the wrong to be forgiven is much bigger than what you must forgive. And the love that follows proves that all is forgiven, That’s right Jesus daily models love and forgiveness. He forgives you repeatedly for the same sin, but the necessity of constant forgiveness never interferes with his total and complete love. As you accept his forgiveness and love, it will begin to flow from your heart to others.


Great Is His Love

Change is inevitable. Life is not static. People come and go. Children grow up. Jobs disappear. Health disintegrates. Change happens and most people don’t handle it well. As this changes happen, your foundations may be shaken. Questions may rise through your mind – where is God in all this? Does he see what’s happening? Does he care or love me? And the whispered answer to that last question may be “I don’t feel his love”. Believing in God must become a non-negotiable principle in your life even when yu don’t feel it. The feeling of God’s love may be difficult to find in hard times when emotions run high and fear and loneliness lurk in your heart. That’s when it is most important to know that God does indeed love you, forever and always, in good times and hard times. He said it, He showed it, Believe it!


Online dating..


Why do Thousands join Online dating. Stats shows that many couples of today met through social media, Online dating websites etc.

Many say their relationship with the partner they met online have worked for them better than the one they met live, started as friends and then later dated. Many prefer someone they know, get to know better and then ONLY then be in a relationship. I guess its all about personal preference.

People may wonder or find it hard to understand why other people prefer a partner they never knew, they often ask: “How can you be attracted to someone you’ve never met/ How do you fall In Love with a stranger?” But who are we to judge? Its not for us to understand but learn to respect others decisions. We are all different in our own unique ways and what works for others might not necessarily work for us. Love can be found everywhere, and if it can be found at the work place, at Church, at the Malls/ Movies i guess it can also be found on the Internet.

What is your view on Online dating? Feel free to speak your mind!